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Missão Columbia

This is our pre-college program for Brazilian students who are willing to attend any of the undergraduate schools of Columbia University: Columbia College (CC), the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Barnard College (BC), and the School of General Studies (GS).

We offer advice on applications, from first steps to essay writing.

Learn more (page in Portuguese)

Campus Talks

As a non-partisan, non-affiliated group, we invite and host speakers spanning academia, politics, and civil society to foster discussions about Brazil within the Columbia community.

Brazilian Culture at Columbia

We cultivate a passion for Brazilian culture, and honestly, we think you should, too. We strive to bring Brazilian art to Columbians and take Columbians to Brazilian art. Taking advantage of New York City’s effervescent cultural scene, we organize city outings and welcome musicians, performers, bateria groups, fashion designers—and more—on campus with the aim of promoting Brazilian culture within our community.

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Community Building

Our informal get-togethers welcome anyone with any interest in Brazil. Whether you want to connect with Brazilian Portuguese speakers, present a topic for discussion, watch a movie, or simply enjoy some time together while eating pão de queijo and brigadeiro (we know you do), this is for you.

Holidays Programs

A majority of Brazilian and many international students stay on campus for Thanksgiving, Fall break, or Spring break, and this is not an opportunity to be missed.

We help organize special programs, including hiking trips and a Thanksgiving feast of our own, to enjoy our time off from classes together.


Working with Columbia’s Latin American and Iberian Cultures (LAIC) department, we host a weekly conversation session aimed at non-native Portuguese speakers who are willing to practice their language skills.

If you would like to join us, reach out to us and we will give you the meeting details.

Book Club

Due to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic posed to the regular operation of our society, our book club emerged as an opportunity to bring our community together even online. So far, two editions have taken place. We’ve read two pieces of contemporary Brazilian literature: Olhos d’água by Conceição Evaristo and Relato de um Certo Oriente by Milton Hatoum. For each, we’ve held two meetings with participants, and physical copies of the books were mailed to them.

Learn more about the books we’ve read here.

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